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We'll treat you fairly and with courtesy.

In the world of real estate, tenants sometimes can get the short end of the stick. Perhaps you have experience with a property management company that seems to find a way NEVER to return the tenant's deposit. Or maybe you have had experience with an overbearing landlord who refuses to respect your privacy. The landlord may own the property, but it is still your home.

Courthouse Property Management believes that treating tenants fairly and with courtesy is not only's just good business. Happy tenants pay their rent on time, they stay longer, and when eventually they do move on, they leave the property in good condition.

Make no mistake, our job for our property-owning clients is to make sure the rent is paid on time and that the property is maintained in good condition. Our duty to our clients is to be firm on those issues. But as a tenant dealing with Courthouse Property Management you will always know where you stand. No surprises. And that's a promise.

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